Center for Preventive Medical Sciences, Chiba University

Description of research

A note on Center research

The Center for Preventive Medical Sciences at Chiba University currently consists of seven research groups—Department of Sustainable Health Science, Department of Global Preventive Medicine, Department of Nutrition and Metabolism Medicine, Department of Healthy Cities and Built Environment, Division of Social Preventive Medical Sciences, Department of Clinical Design and Medicine, and Department of Musculoskeletal Disease and Pain—as well as three donated research departments.

Research group

Our Major Projects
  • ちばエコチル調査
  • こども調査
  • 健康都市・空間デザインラボ
  • Well Active Community
  • 日本老年学的評価研究 JAGES(Japan Gerontological Evaluation study)
  • ケミレスタウン・プロジェクト