Wishing for the health of the children of the future C-MACH (Chiba Study of Mother and Child Health)

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The Chiba Study of Mother and Child Health (C-MACH) is research on the environment surrounding children and their health condition that takes place across several years. It involves the participation of pregnant mothers and the fathers of those children.

Today, we are surrounded by various chemical substances that did not exist around us just 50 years ago. However, we still do not have full clarity on the influence of those substances on the human body. Meanwhile, it has been pointed out that recently, an increasing number of children have been exhibiting obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other lifestyle-related diseases as well as restlessness, autism and other developmental disorders despite them being few in number before. Through C-MACH, the Center researches the influence that nutritional state, living environment and habits, stress and other factors exert on the health of children over their growth process from the fetal period as well as the mechanisms involved. We expect that these efforts will aid in the prevention, early detection, appropriate intervention, possible treatment of illness and developmental disorders in the children who will uphold our future.

Chisato Mori
Center for Preventive Medical Sciences, Chiba University